Frequently Asked Questions  

Where are you located?

We split our time between Vermont, North Carolina and California.  No matter where you choose to tie the knot, we want to hear about it.  We love to travel. 

What’s your approach?

We blend seamlessly into the celebration creating images that conjure the magical feeling of the day. We create a well-rounded collection of images both artistic and traditional but we absolutely love capturing candid moments and intimate details. We also love taking the time to create stunning wedding portraits.


How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?

We’d love to document your destination & international wedding. An additional travel fee is added to include airfare, accommodations for 2-3 nights, and car rental if needed. 


Do you charge a general travel fee?

For weddings within driving distance, we charge a standard travel fee based on mileage.  If it’s over 3 hours to drive back the same day, we may ask for one night accommodation.


What are your prices?

Our photography rates start at $4200.  Please contact us for detailed pricing. Every wedding is unique and we try to custom create a package that fits your needs.  We also have special pricing for elopements and weekday weddings.


Do you offer engagement or portrait sessions?

Yes. This is a great way for us to meet and get comfortable before the wedding.


Can we meet you before the wedding?

We’d love to meet in person to discuss your wedding day! Coffee? Wine? Skype?  You name it.


How do we book you?

We require a 25% deposit along with a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding day.


When will we get our photos?

Your images will be ready to view in your online gallery within 8-10 weeks. We personally edit every image and do not like to rush the process. A package, containing your custom thumb drive and a few tokens from us will arrive shortly after.


Do you make wedding albums?

Yes, please inquire for details.


Can we order prints through you?

Yes, you can order prints through the proofing gallery but you can also print directly from the digital files we provide you.  Sometimes it’s easier on you to get family & friends to order prints directly from the website.


Do you work with second shooters?

If your wedding is over 150 guests, we always suggest a second shooter in order to capture another point of view and to make sure we get candid moments of all your fine guests. 


Can we book just photo or just video?

Totally! However, we love working together - AND our clients are always so happy when they book the full photo/video package.  Your photos and videos have a seamless look and feel.  PLUS, we offer a discount!   We collaborate really well together and make the experience a seriously good time.  


Do you have insurance?



Do you have backup gear?
Of course we do.  We always carry a number of camera bodies, flashes, lenses and batteries to ensure we don't miss a moment.


Will you come on our honeymoon?

We’d strongly consider. As long as Cameron is there to make a film about it. :)

 Video Specific Questions


What’s your shooting style?

My background in documentary film has taught me to be a confident and sensitive storyteller. I’m the opposite of inappropriate. I read the crowd and understand social cues. I travel lightly with my gear. I won’t bombard your guests with cheesy interview questions. For the most part, I’m cool.


My fiancé doesn’t want to have a videographer at the wedding. What shall I do?

One of the biggest regrets couples have is not getting video coverage. The wedding goes by in a flash… Because during the ceremony you were so nervous you blacked out. While you were getting portraits taken, your grandma was taking shots of tequila with your college friends. During your first dance, your mother was welling with tears and your little niece was solo dancing. These are memories easily forgotten as the years go by, if not the next day! As you grow old together you can look back on your wedding video and actually feel the magic again. You seriously won’t even notice me there. I’m low maintenance and know exactly how to approach a wedding in the most authentic way. If you feel awkward in front of the camera, get over yourself and realize that it’s your special day to shine bright like a diamond. I’ve been known to get even the shyest of couples to take their clothes off in the dead of winter or to jump in a river. But don’t worry; I’ll take your lead.


What is the final product?

We focus our creative energy on crafting a highlight video that reveals the feeling of the day. It’s typically the length of one or two songs. We also believe in giving you as much footage as we can. There is a lot of footage that doesn’t make the highlight video and we want you to have it. Most of our packages include a “home-movie” which is an imperfect chronological collection of raw footage including the full ceremony, first dances, toasts, reception dance-offs, and other priceless tidbits I collect along the way. If there’s certain parts of the wedding you want pulled out with a more polished edit, we can discuss.


What are your prices?

My rates start at $4200. Please inquire for detailed pricing. If you’re eloping or just looking for a few hours of coverage, please get in touch about these rates.  


Do we get DVDs?

DVD’s are and will become a thing of the past. It also greatly diminishes the quality of the video. Instead, you get a thumbdrive with high-definition video files that you can easily email to people or upload online. We also offer a digital download of your highlight video.


Do you shoot solo?

Yes, I mostly work solo but will often bring a second shooter to get a second perspective and run around with a Super 8 camera. If your wedding has over 150 guests, I recommend a second shooter.


Do you record sound?

We shoot natural sound with an on camera shotgun microphone during the day. We also attach a wireless mic to the lapel of the groom. We don’t guarantee perfect sound. There are many conditions outside our control such as wind, fans, loud music, or faulty sound systems that create sound interference. We really do our best to achieve the best quality.


How do you handle lighting?

I love natural lighting and my gear is good even during low light situations. However, to add a striking mood, I recommend bistro lighting during the reception and strobe lights during the dance party. If the lighting is just too dark I may have to use a small LED light during the reception.


Do you shoot the rehearsal dinner?

Yes we can. You will get a highlight video and a separate video of all the toasts. 1 or 2 nights of accommodations are added if the drive is over 3 hours away.


How do you pick the music?

We ask for you to send us a list of 10-15 songs that you absolutely LOVE. We decide which one works the best. If there’s a particular song you must have, I hope you have good taste and it’s not annoying;) Seriously, I recommend starting that list now. 


How long does it take to receive our final wedding film?

We make sure to deliver your videos within 3-5 months, but will most often get it to you sooner.


Can you just shoot the wedding and my friend will edit it?

No. We want to follow through on the creative process.